Why Doreen is World's Best Selling Bra Series

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From rolling the lingerie and hiding it under other clothes, to having a completely separate section to flaunt the exquisite collection, the story of lingerie has travelled a long way. Doreen Bra has contributed over 50 years in making the life of women more comfortable by providing them with the best comfort & quality of bras.

Triumph is the company which has been manufacturing the Doreen Bra and has been in this lingerie field for over 100 years. The first bra from the range was launched in 1967.   Over the last 50 years, the world has changed a lot in the field of lingerie, with many brands coming & going and not being able to survive in the market, but Doreen has always been strong and is still the world’s best selling bra series.

Whether you are going for a meeting or for an evening out, wearing the best bra for support is very important. It not only ensures that you look at your best but also takes proper care of your bust.   The Doreen bra delivers on this being trusted by millions of users due to its fine quality and style.

How Doreen Became the Best Selling Bra Series

The lingerie market is a highly developing one, not only in the sense of increasing demand but also the evolving of new & latest, styles & designs.  Despite this competition there are numerous reasons which makes the original Doreen bra still the most popular.

Here are some of the key reasons why it is still the best selling one: -

  • Quality: - The original Doreen is made of 80% Polyamide, 13% Elastane & 7% Cotton.  Even with the trendy designs and taking other factors into the account, the quality of the product has never depleted in the last 50 years. No compromise with the quality is the basic motto of the brand and that is why Doreen bra has still got its loyal customers.
  • Patterns: - 36D is the most popular size of the bra sold in the market. However, Doreen bra’s are made up of several different bra sizes going up to 48K cup. This gives the users a wide range of options to select from according to individual need and requirements.
  • Comfortable: - These bras are completely wire-free, not padded & has a three section cup. Thus, it provides a lot of comfort to the users. It leads to less irritation in the back and provides a great level of comfort. Doreen has got millions of loyal customer due to the kind of comfort it can provide which is still incomparable.  Research has found that the users of Doreen bras have yet not found a substitute product which provides such a great fit and comfort. The rigid front section stops the bust from jumping and bouncing and the broad straps provide complete support and minimize the risk of the bra coming undone. The modulus of the Doreen bra helps in stopping even back aches and pains.
  • Style: - It comes in 3 continuity colours of White, Black & Skin (beige) and are made in a way to provide full coverage of the cleavage. You can also select from a wide range of styles of bra's from Doreen range.  Almost all the products can easily be worn with any kind of dresses, be it modern or ethnic.

Doreen’s Loyal Customer Base

Even without the any advertisements, the brand is known as the world’s best selling bra series. The reason for the same is the loyal customers. The users of Doreen’s bra have been using it for a long time.  The maximum percentage of the customer base is from the “baby boomer” generation as it is not yet popular among the young generations.  Extensive measures are being taken to create a larger market for this brand among the young generation and surely like always, Triumph will succeed in this step.

There are so many brands nowadays in the market offering different types of lingerie, however, the users of the products of Doreen never find a better substitute.

Katrina Stock
21 May 2020  |  14:59

I have been buying The Triumph Doreen Bra for 40 yrs Iím a big busted lady so the Doreen is fab for me, it gives me much needed support and is so comfortable that I have never bought another bra as I donít think any other bra would come even close to the all around comfort and support of the Doreen so thank you from a very happy and satisfied customer!!

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