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A good bra is comfortable like a second skin, embraces your body, makes your clothes look more flattering and makes you feel ultra-confident. If until now you’ve found this description impossible to meet, and you’ve spent mornings changing outfits simply because the bra makes you feel awkward, look no further. The Triumph Doreen bra is the lingerie piece that will change your life.  Matching any top, from casual to elegant, and provides all-day natural support for all sizes. But don’t take our word for it – Triumph Doreen bras has been the world’s #1 non-wired bra for over 40 years, and millions of wearers swear by it every day. If you’re looking for affordable Triumph Doreen bra online stockists, you’ve come to the right place.  

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Triumph Doreen

Triumph Doreen£40.00   £34.00

Triumph Doreen Cotton Bra

Triumph Doreen Cotton Bra£40.00   £35.00

Triumph Doreen Longline Bra

Triumph Doreen Longline Bra£44.00   £39.00

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Triumph Doreen Midi Bra

Triumph Doreen Midi Bra£36.00   £33.00

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Triumph Doreen non-wired bra

The bra was launched in 1967, and it has been the world’s best-selling bra ever since. Thanks to its unique design and split bottom cup, it offers unparalleled support, whilst still looking flattering and offering more volume. What’s more, this bra is perfect for women with a fuller bust because it reduces back pain and helps improve posture. This iconic bra doesn’t have wires, so you can wear it the entire day without feeling pain and pressure under the bust. What’s more, there is evidence to suggest that non-wired bras allow for unhindered blood circulation, which leads to better lymph drainage. In time, wearing non-wired bras can also reduce bust sagginess by strengthening the muscle tissue. The Triumph Doreen non-wired bra comes in colours white, black & skin (beige). 


Triumph Doreen cotton bra

Who said you had to choose between comfort and style? The Triumph Doreen cotton bra is perfect for women who want a soft, breathable fabric, but don’t want to compromise on support. Made from the highest quality cotton, this version of the bra has all the fantastic features of the original model, with the addition of a soft cotton texture. It’s the perfect bra for every day and thanks to its versatile design, it matches a wide range of tops and blouses. Available in sizes from 34B up to 48G. 


Triumph Doreen longline bra L02

Are you looking for that perfect feminine shape when wearing a tighter top? The Triumph Doreen bra is a combination between the all-time-favourite Doreen bra, and a corset so that you don’t have to worry about putting on two undergarments. The bra tightly hugs your shapes and provides excellent abdominal control, but feels comfortable throughout the day. Plus, it’s the perfect undergarment to wear underneath tight-fitting tops and silky blouses, transforming the overall look and making the clothes sit beautifully on your body. Millions of women worldwide swear it, so if you need a bra that you know that fits well no matter the occasion, this is the perfect investment. We always have a Triumph Doreen bra sale going on, so you can buy your favourite bra in all colours. 


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