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Which Sloggi Bras Are Right For You?

There is nothing like a bra which fits you perfectly. With a shape which brings out the best of your figure along with the support which fills you with comfort and confidence, it is a magic combination. Sloggi offers you a wide range of bras to choose from. So, let us discuss a few of them today so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

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Why Doreen is World's Best Selling Bra Series

From rolling the lingerie and hiding it under other clothes, to having a completely separate section to flaunt the exquisite collection, the story of lingerie has travelled a long way.  The Doreen Bra has contributed over 50 years in making the life of women more comfortable by providing them with the best comfort & quality of bras.

5 July 2018  |  Admin
Different types of Mens Underwear

Menís underwear was quite unheard off and nearly taboo subject around 100 years ago. These days, this idea appears comical; you can hardly walk down any street without getting eyeful of somebodyís Calvin Klein underwear or mens Sloggi poking outside from under their low trousers. Without any doubt, the explosion in menís underwear popularity has caused an entire variety of styles and types to be created for every occasion. So, here is a comprehensive guide on different types of menís underwear.

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Guide to Different Bra Shapes

A woman’s outfit can lose its appeal if you’re not wearing a perfectly fitting bra under it. A bra isn’t just an inner wear, but it’s also responsible for carrying yourself with confidence in public. The best type of bra not just is good for your bust health, but it also affects the way your outfit looks on you. You can feel and look your best in the bra which is designed to complement your outfit and fit your figure. Whether you wish to create killer cleavage, reduce your bust or find the correct support for any awkward outfit, you can get nearly any look with the correct bra shape. So, here is a guide for you to choose the perfect fit bra for yourself.

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Which Sloggi Basic range is best?

Not sure which style from the Basic range is right for you, we look at each of the different cuts.  A brand well known for its comfortable, cool, stylish and easy to fit undergarments for women. The use of soft cotton with elastane makes all the Sloggi products breathable and extremely comfortable. Its basic range is best suitable for women looking for everyday wear bras and panties.

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