Different types of Mens Underwear

5 July 2018  |  Admin

Men’s underwear was quite unheard off and nearly taboo subject around 100 years ago. These days, this idea appears comical; you can hardly walk down any street without getting eyeful of somebody’s Calvin Klein underwear or mens Sloggi poking outside from under their low trousers. Without any doubt, the explosion in men’s underwear popularity has caused an entire variety of styles and types to be created for every occasion. So, here is a comprehensive guide on different types of men’s underwear.


Let us start with the most well known in men’s underwear, the boxer. There are a range of styles of boxers, the slimmer, trendier ones – boxer trunks to the ones you may link with your grandfather – loose boxers.  Which are characterized easily by their baggy leg and elastic waist.  Boxer is a loose fitting underwear without support and with more breathability that other undergarments. Lots of boxers have open fly offering the user with an exit route having maximum ease.


A true brief will cover nearly half your thigh, but many of them now cover nearly 1/3. Briefs are a tighter fitting type of underwear, made with more elasticated materials, without any leg and are identical in looks to a woman’s knickers, excluding the additional material to accommodate the male’s bulge at the front. They provide safety from chaffing during sports and workouts. They help cover your whole package and backside, but leave your legs side and upper thigh exposed.


They are becoming favorite cut underwear quickly among men because this is a mix of a boxer and brief, without lots of fabric. If you prefer briefs, but you wish to try something different, then try the trucks. A shorter type of boxer brief, trunks fit a little tighter as well. Your package is given lots of breathing room too, more than in briefs, but they are snugger than boxer briefs. Trunks can be easily worn under anything.


Another extremely popular style of men’s underwear is the shorts. They are loosest fitting option so far. They are well known to offer utmost breathability among all types, but no support.  Are available in a wide range of options when it comes to styles and designs. Some of them look quite old-fashioned; however, more versions nowadays offer sleeker fit and look more like boxer briefs or trunks.


If you’re of revealing persuasion, then there are kinds of underwear for you. They have originated from one among the oldest kinds of clothes in the world, loincloth. Available in many different materials, ranging from the traditional fabrics and leather, the thongs are ‘hardly there’ underwear piece. They consist of three thin pieces of materials connected to a little larger piece at front to support your package. They aren’t particularly supportive and worn generally to impress only or as a fancy dress.

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