Sloggi Underwear

Now offering everyday ladies underwear. This brand is well known for their high quality Sloggi knickers using the finest cotton quality to give you perfect fit and superb soft stretch comfort.  You can now find a wide range of their products available on sale on our online store.  With briefs in different sizes, colours including white, black, skin and the countless underwear ranges, you are sure to find a style perfect for you.  Their exclusive range suits all occasions and budgets.  Buy sloggi ladies underwear today to give an extra boost to your morale and to make your body look in shape and feel comfortable. They use the finest quality cotton to give you perfect fit and soft stretch comfort.  For clearance prices you can buy online.

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4 Pack
Sloggi Basic Maxi

Sloggi Basic Maxi£35.00   £32.00

4 Pack
Sloggi Basic Tai

Sloggi Basic Tai£35.00   £32.00

3 Pack
Sloggi Basic Midi 3 Pack

Sloggi Basic Midi 3 Pack£35.00   £30.00

Sloggi Basic Long Leg

Sloggi Basic Long Leg£17.00   £14.50

Sloggi Double Comfort Maxi

Sloggi Double Comfort Maxi£15.00   £13.50

Sloggi Double Comfort Shorts

Sloggi Double Comfort Shorts£15.00   £13.50

Sloggi Double Comfort Tai

Sloggi Double Comfort Tai£15.00   £13.50

Sloggi Double Comfort Top

Sloggi Double Comfort Top£21.00   £19.00

2 Pack
Sloggi Control Maxi

Sloggi Control Maxi£27.00   £22.50

2 Pack
Sloggi Control Tai

Sloggi Control Tai£27.00   £22.50

Out of Stock
Sloggi 100 Tai

Sloggi 100 Tai£16.00   £14.00

Sloggi Romance Maxi

Sloggi Romance Maxi£16.00   £14.40

Sloggi Romance Midi Briefs

Sloggi Romance Midi Briefs£16.00   £14.40

Sloggi Romance Tai Briefs

Sloggi Romance Tai Briefs£16.00   £14.40

Sloggi Romance Step In Bra

Sloggi Romance Step In Bra£28.00   £22.00

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Hipster

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Hipster£16.00   £14.50

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Tai

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Tai£16.00   £15.00

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Shorts

Sloggi Sensual Fresh Shorts£16.00   £15.00

Sloggi Sensual Fresh H Bra Top

Sloggi Sensual Fresh H Bra Top£21.00   £20.00

Sloggi Light Hipster Brief

Sloggi Light Hipster Brief£10.00   £9.00

Sloggi Light Shorty

Sloggi Light Shorty£9.00   £8.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Light String

Sloggi Light String£9.00   £8.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Sensation Tai

Sloggi Sensation Tai£9.00   £8.00

4 Pack
Sloggi Chic Maxi Briefs (4PK)

Sloggi Chic Maxi Briefs (4PK)£37.00   £35.00

4 Pack
Sloggi Chic Midi Briefs (4PK)

Sloggi Chic Midi Briefs (4PK)£37.00   £35.00

4 Pack
Sloggi Chic Tai Briefs (4PK)

Sloggi Chic Tai Briefs (4PK)£37.00   £35.00

Out of Stock
Sloggi Shape Cotton Maxi

Sloggi Shape Cotton Maxi£20.00   £17.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Sensation Hipster

Sloggi Sensation Hipster£10.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Shape Maxi

Sloggi Shape Maxi£16.00   £13.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Shape Tai Briefs

Sloggi Shape Tai Briefs£15.00   £12.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Basic Lace Tai 2 Pack

Sloggi Basic Lace Tai 2 Pack£16.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Invisible Sense Hipster

Sloggi Invisible Sense Hipster£10.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Invisible Sense Tai

Sloggi Invisible Sense Tai£10.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Invisible Sense W Bra

Sloggi Invisible Sense W Bra£18.50

Limited Stock
Sloggi Light Cotton Hipster

Sloggi Light Cotton Hipster£11.50

Limited Stock
Sloggi Light WHP Bra

Sloggi Light WHP Bra£21.00

Limited Stock
Sloggi Myday Hipster

Sloggi Myday Hipster£7.50

Limited Stock
Sloggi Myday Short

Sloggi Myday Short£8.50

Limited Stock
Sloggi Myday Tai Brief

Sloggi Myday Tai Brief£7.50

Limited Stock
Sloggi Sensual Fresh WHP Bra

Sloggi Sensual Fresh WHP Bra£24.00


Page 1 of 1:    47 Items

Sloggi knickers

Nowadays, a wide range of Sloggi offers in underclothing products are readily available on our store. They are a pioneering internationally renowned brand of lingerie that is manufactured by the Triumph International. Women choose this brand for its high aesthetics and fine fabric quality along with what it offers and the sales available from time to time. They not just offer modern styles and designs, but its characteristic appeal lies with the high level of comfort which their bras, briefs and pants offering. ladies Sloggi knickers which includes seductive lingerie, ultra chic bras, tai underwear and more, all of them provide premium appeal and comfort.

Sloggi Bras UK

Get all day comfort and great durability with their bras having appealing designs and fine fabric. Available in different sizes, women of every age can buy from us Sloggi bras available for sale. Their range includes double comfort bra top, Basic N Bra, Romance SL, Sensual Fresh H Top, invisible Sense W, Light WHP, Sensual Fresh WHP and Sensual Fresh Underwired.


Sloggi Briefs

Women who love comfort when buying underwear is considered should opt for their briefs. For ultimate in daily comfort, you can wear matching bra with their briefs you can buy on sale from our online store. The Sloggi womens briefs range includes Basic Maxi, Basic, Basic Midi, Basic Long Leg, Double Comfort Shorts, Double Comfort Tai, Control Maxi, Control Tai, 100 Tai, Romance Maxi, Romance Midi, Romance Tai, Sensual Fresh Tai, Light String, etc. For perfect comfort and fit, this range is the best choice as they are made from high quality cotton.


Sloggi Pants

Tone and shape your body, enhancing your natural figure and hiding your unwanted curves with Sloggi shorts available on sale from us including the Double Comfort Short, Sensual Fresh Short, Light Short, Light Cotton Short and more.  See our range online now!



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